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3543Re: Sauron and the mode on the One Ring

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  • machhezan
    Mar 7, 2004
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      Thanks Carl, that's exactly the quote I was looking for, but I was
      unable to find it. It shows that the evil have only one interest in
      language: It's a tool that allows them to control others. However,
      it's an imperfect tool since it doesn't allow the control of their
      minds, cf. some lines below: "(...) behind the words (even of those in
      fear and torment) dwells ever the _sáma_ [i.e. the mind, note by j.w.]
      inviolable: the words are not in it, though they may proceed form it
      (as cries from behind a locked door) (...). Therefore, the Liar says
      that all words are lies (...). In this vast network he himself
      enmeshed struggles and rages, gnawed by suspicion, doubt, and fear."

      So I believe that despite all mastery of speech, the evil'd still
      dislike speech profoundly, since it can't ever give them certainty.

      The Eldar, and especially the Noldor, had a very different interest in
      language: the pleasure in sounds and forms of words. To cite again
      from the Ósanwe-kenta: "Things may seem alike, but if they are in kind
      wholly different they must be distinguished."

      I doubt that kind of interest the evil have in language would also
      generate an interest in scripts. And even if Melkor had learned the
      tengwar, I don't believe (though I can't deny the possibility) that
      he'd teach them to Sauron, just as I don't believe he would teach him
      Quenya: How could this possibly serve his will of control?

      OT: Am I right in assuming that Carl's quote of the Ósanwe-kenta is
      the only mention of a language of Morgoth?

      j. 'mach' wust
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