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3536Re: Sauron and the mode on the One Ring

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  • calwen76
    Mar 5, 2004
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      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "machhezan" <machhezan@g...> wrote:
      > Sauron wasn't ever in Valinor. When Morgoth was captured, he hid in
      > Middle-Earth.

      I know he wasn't. But I think it was his nature to learn such things,
      he was originally one of the Aule's Maiar.

      > What interest would Sauron have for the scripts of their enemies?

      You actually answered yourself:

      > We only know that they were used for matters of lore and for
      matters of 'magic', I mean, for short inscriptions on weapons or

      Come on, he was a spy, he had to pretend he's nice, he had to know
      the script for he had to learn everything about Elves so he would be
      able to rule them.

      > The orthographies of men and of Sauron could be originally
      > independent; Sauron could have known other tengwar orthographies and
      > developped the One Ring orthography by himself.


      > Sauron's orthography could origin in the men's orthography; Sauron
      > could have learned it either in Beleriand or by NĂºmenorean mariners.

      possibly :))

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