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3530Sauron and the mode on the One Ring

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  • calwen76
    Mar 3, 2004
      BMO there are two possible ways how Sauron knew the mode on the One
      Ring, both assuming that he knew the mode already in the First Age:
      1) the mode has nothing to do with Númenoreans, Sauron invented it by
      HOW: he had to know Tengwar in general from Valinor already + the
      Black Speech has the same 'structure' as Westron, i.e. the palatals +
      Sauron was very skillful
      2) he acquainted with the mode already in the First Age while
      torturing both Elves and Men either in Angband or in ex-Minas Tirith -
      here it does not matter whether Men or Elves told him about such
      mode (still giving him just an idea with the usage of calmatéma for
      palatals) because they both had to know it, we don't know whether
      Elves taught Men or Men adopted Tengwar from Elves or they
      together 'invented' the mode for Westron (it's just the question of

      The footnote BMO doesn't want to affirm that Sauron learnt _Tengwar_
      from Númenoreans, it is not possible - imagine Sauron being among
      both Elves (and later also) Men for the whole First Age not having
      known there's _some Tengwar_, it's ridiculous. The footnote just want
      to say that Sauron captured some of the Númenoreans and he made his
      servants of them. Dot. I think you just see something more in that
      text that is actually not there :)

      Long ago in the First Age he was thinking about how to subdue the
      Elves not only how to fight against them. He had to start thinking
      about the One Ring already in the First Age and for sure he counted
      with some inscription/magic spell on it and what was the writing
      system of that time that was used for so soft a work? The Tengwar,

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