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351Re: [elfscript] Tengwar on back of milk carton

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  • Westwood
    Dec 9, 2001
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      --- In elfscript@y..., DDanielA@w... wrote:
      > The second word is obviously "Daedeloth" misspelled as "daedheloth". The
      > first word looks like a hypothetical spelling of "gûd", but if this is
      > an Eldarin word, I am unfamiliar with it. If it is to represent the
      > English word "good", I find it odd to be placed with 'Daedeloth'. The
      > calligraphy is rather nice, whatever it's meant to say!

      A Sindarin _-gud_ with the meaning "enemy" appears in _Thuringud_
      ("Hidden Foe", WJ pp.256, 299). But the isolated form would rather be
      *_cûd_, I think, since this word must reflect a Common Eldarin *_kôtô_,
      derived from the base KOT- "strive, quarrel". It is thus a variant of
      _coth_ "enmity, enemy", which is cited in "The Etymologies" as the
      second element of _Morgoth_ ("Black Foe").

      Suilad mhilui
      /Björn Fromén
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