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344Figlet Fonts Spec Page

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  • SKC8563@hitel.net
    Nov 30, 2001
      Now I opened the webpage devoted to:

      Figlet Fonts Specification
      For Tolkien Scripts

      Visit http://my.netian.com/~sshiskom/ascii/

      Currently there are 5 fonts proposed, namely:

      Cirth Eris
      Tengwar Riku
      Tengwar Gildor
      Tengwar Petty
      Tengwar BPJ

      I finished the spec for Cirth Eris and Tengwar Riku.
      They are relatively 'simple', and might be considered
      as 'basic fonts'. (Though Tengwar Petty is more 'simple')

      How to write specs:

      Keep all letters' height same.

      For example, Cirth Eris are 4 lines tall,
      Tengwar Riku 6 lines. (These height seem to be the minimum)

      If some letters are smaller than others,
      just fill lines with blank lines,
      considering the position of the letters.
      (Tengwar Riku would be a good example)

      Keep each letter's width same.

      Two different letters' width don't need to be same,
      but in each letter, each line width should be same.

      Again, just fill blanks with spaces.

      Now I got some ideas about how to write Figlet fonts,
      so if everybody agrees on the specs, I would start to write.