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34Re: [elfscript] Tengwar Unicode comments

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  • Mans Bjorkman
    Apr 20, 2000
      John Cowan wrote:
      > Mans Bjorkman wrote:
      > > 6. Missing characters:
      > >
      > > * The numeric _12_ had a variant form resembling a lower-case _9_, i.e.
      > > with a diagonal line descending from the bow of the circle (ibidem).
      > Sounds like a glyph-level distinction. Are there any cases where the
      > difference actually *makes* a difference to plaintext interpretation?
      > That is the general criterion for creating a new Unicode character.

      That's the problem... we really don't know. It may have been used in
      special contexts, it may have been a distinct grapheme, but we have
      exactly one sample of it, and we're not told how it was used.

      > > * The quotation marks and the _&_ sign used in "Edwin Lowdham's
      > > manuscript" may perhaps be excluded because they occur in other writing
      > > systems as well; but then the double dots, the acute accent and the
      > > breve should be excluded on the same grounds.
      > Indeed, I believe that all of these should be unified away in Unicode,
      > and represented as font differences, just as the Latin round period
      > is unified with the Armenian square period as U+002E.

      Which had me thinking: is the Anglo-Saxon _&_ sign codified already?

      > > * Tolkien 1965a mentions a variant form of the a-tehta "like a
      > > circumflex".
      > Again, a font difference only (representing a difference in handwriting).
      > Unicode is not supposed to support all possible palaeographic variants.

      Fair enough.

      > > * In the first copy of "The King's Letter", a special variant of xx30
      > > TENGWAR LETTER STEMLESS ANNA is used in word-final position.
      > More details?

      Well, the only difference is that a short "hook", similar to a comma, is
      attached to the lower end of the bow.


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