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338Re: [elfscript] tengw?

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Nov 30, 2001

       >tere are words like tengwele and tengwesta, and -a

      >itself! i recommend you advise a more recent wordlist
      >now (on line, or even the etymologies)

      >> Thank you very much. Ill choose _tengwesta_ because it sounds really good to me. Its sound remains me the diffrence between the Spanish words _hijo_ (son) and _hijastro_ (stepson) - which fits perfectly with the meaning i intend. I dont think ill have checked out any wordlists, i just trust you.

      ** I don't remember my original post (has been long ago), but tengwesta means "grammar".. I think I gave you these words as examples of words derived from the stem tengw-

      since you mentioned the difference, it is time to mention that tengwa and tengwesta reminds me of the same analogy with greek "gramma" (letter) and "grammatikee" (grammar) :)

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