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326Re: [elfscript] Ascii transliteration for tengwar

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  • Harri Perälä
    Nov 27 4:11 AM
      Lisa Star wrote:

      > **Harri Perala, I would like to first thank you for making your tengwar font
      > available. That was both useful and generous of you.

      Thank you.

      > >kElEbr<ib-Or O ErEg<iO) tE"TAt- <i T<iw h<i)\
      > >Not very pretty, but I think this is fairly easy to write,
      > **Well it gets the big "eeek!" (expression of dismay and horror), though I
      > do not dismiss it.

      I guess the amount of learning needed to use this kind of representation
      might be too large compared to the benefit. On the other hand, it would
      (in principle) make it possible to discuss the exact spelling of texts
      in any mode, even longer ones, quite efficiently.

      > I would just like to point out that it looks rather like
      > Dan Smith's transcription, (before the font has been changed to tengwar),
      > which is often used to send messages--that is, people type the message in
      > such a transcription as will be readable in tengwar when the font is
      > changed.

      That method must often be the best one in private email. I also agree
      that it cannot be used everywhere. On lists like Elfscript there is
      still need for representations that can be read and written even with
      some ancient misconfigured terminal. Whether the current methods are
      enough, I do not know. I must admit I am perhaps more excited about
      creating the system that about its practical uses. :)

      > **oh, another, simple type of transcription is to write the tengwar numbers
      > in parentheses (2)a-tehta (21)(18)a-tehta, or something like that. Also
      > transcribable.

      Yes, that seems quite straightforward, though personally I find it even
      more difficult to figure out.

      Harri Perälä perala@... http://www.sci.fi/%7ealboin/
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