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  • Nicole Mate
    Jan 13, 2004
      I know you all get annoyed by random translation requests, but I need a little help. I have a phrase translated into Sindarian and Quenya and I need each transcribed into Tengwar (and actually, if anyone has time, could you check the translations I have - I am almost positive they're right, but you never know). I have tried in so many different places to transcribe these or download a font, but nothing I am doing seems to work. If any of you can help me, or tell me what I can do to do it myself, I would be incredibly grateful. Thanks! The phrase is �see my pain�, here are the translations I already have.
      Quenya - � cen� nwalmenya or c�n� naicenya
      Sindarian - ceno naeg n�n. or ceno i naeg n�n.

      Once again, Thank you!

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