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3185Re: [elfscript] VT45

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  • Arden R. Smith
    Jan 7, 2004
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      Lucy (Calwen Rudh) wrote:

      >Could anyone who possesses VT45 confirm/overcome that the tengwa in
      >the entry ANÁR-, pg. 6 is noldo, please? Is the stem raised or

      The letter in the entry for ANÁR is a simple telco; I assume that you
      meant the tengwa in the entry for ANGA|. It is indeed the letter
      that is called _noldo_ in Appendix E. And no, it's not a mistake;
      compare the letter _umbar_ in the entry for MBARAT-, which has the
      form of what Appendix E calls _malta_.

      I'm glad that someone finally noticed that there's some weird stuff
      going on in the tengwar in the "Addenda and Corrigenda to the
      _Etymologies_"! Explication is forthcoming in VT 46!

      Arden R. Smith erilaz@...

      Perilme metto aimaktur perperienta.
      --Elvish proverb
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