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3182Re: And Another Request (was Re: [elfscript] Names)

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Jan 5, 2004
      Heather wrote:

      > is there a term for Red hair such as there is for golden hair, ie
      Galadriel? I haven't come across one, though to be honest I'm still new to
      learning the language. Any help is appreciated. :)

      The initial element of Galadriel (galad-) has to do with "light" or
      "radiance" rather than "golden" as such. The rest combines elements for
      "crown" or "garland" (-ri-) and "maiden" (-el).

      But if you use the Sindarin word for "red" as the initial element,
      replacing _galad_, the resulting form would be Caradhriel (for
      _caran-riel_; compare _Caradhras_ for _Caran-rass_ "Red-horn", since _nr_
      becomes _dhr_ in Sindarin).

      - HKF
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