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308Short message from a desperate human

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  • Adsis Yerbas Buenas - Chile
    Nov 3 10:14 AM
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      (NOTE: I`m ashamed of my english, so please be merciful)
      Dear Elf Masters:
      From a distant world beyond Aman called Chile, more specifically from the sylvan city of Valdivia I cry for help. I just wanna know if someone could tell me (and I apologize for my ignorance, cause I`m not really as erudite as all of you) how should I write in quenya (or sindarin, if you like best) the following sentence:
      One of your high race, known as Helge K. Fauskanger, allready helped me (thank you very much) and sent me this:
      Voro Sácean Fëa (that would be CONTINUALLY LOOKING FOR A SOUL, and its just fine)
      I ask for one of you beautiful people to tell me how do I write it with the tengwar. I have the respective font for the Microsoft Word, but I`d like a second (and third) opinion, because I`m thinking on a tatoo and I want to be sure of what it says. So if someone could send me a GIF archive it would be great.
      Thank you all anyway for the reading.
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