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307Re: [elfscript] tengw?

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Nov 2, 2001
      > Well, of course, the meaning i intend: Im searching
      a name for a writing system based on
      > tengwar, but which isnt tengwar, and i thought about
      giving it a High Elven name.

      wow are you making another secondary world or a
      Tolkien-fan expansionism? :)

      > My problem is that i havnt found any examples of
      -ngw- + ending (in "an introduction to
      > Elvish" - which doesnt have too many words).

      tere are words like tengwele and tengwesta, and -a
      itself! i recommend you advise a more recent wordlist
      now (on line, or even the etymologies)

      > Are there any evidences for /ngv/ or for /ngwi/ in
      Quenya? I dont think so.

      ngv not at all, so the form that can be used is
      tengwea, as for ngwi, there is the plural tengwi

      > What about tengwavea or tenvea?

      elvea is consisted of a stem EL without its ending,
      and not **elenvea or something... so tengwa must be
      without its ending before we add -vea... after all a
      Quenya speaker would prefer to merge w with the
      adjacent v

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