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2998Re: help needed.. please? :)

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  • Calwen Rudh
    Dec 2, 2003
      Carl wrote:
      > I still disagree. _deri_ 'stop, halt', certainly has none of the
      desired meaning, which is "to continue to be" something (my vigor, my
      joy, my pain).

      Already then. I was thinking of it and have to admit you're right.

      > After all, if presented next week with someone wanting to
      translate "You stop my heart", would you not then suggest the same
      stem _deri_?

      Hmmm, assuming you wouldn't let it go through this list unnoticed ...
      no. :)

      > What "arguing"? How is it "arguing" to point out that the word you
      suggest does not have the desired meaning?

      This had no negative meaning. I might have rather written "guessing"
      or something less ambiguous. Or nothing.

      > My only "DIRECT" advice is to not use _deri_, …


      So let's try to help poor Idril. What about something like:
      _Le hebithon vi guur niin, le i 'orf niin, i 'lass niin, i naeg niin._
      "You I will keep in my heart, you - my vigor, my joy, my pain."

      - knowing that the pronominal ending is not sure. I don't have VT:44
      so I haven't read the analysis so I can't say anything about accuracy
      of _vi_.

      One little question in the end: were we of any help to Idril? I guess
      not. And that doesn't please me.

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