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2997Re: [elfscript] Re: help needed.. please? :)

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Dec 1, 2003
      On Dec 1, 2003, at 3:20 PM, Calwen Rudh wrote:

      > I still (after coming home and looking into the Etymologies) believe I
      > used the right word if we are to use it by extension because _Daro!_
      > can mean "Stay still" as well as "Halt!" or "Stop!". In Etym., it
      > reads: stem _dar-_ stay, wait, stop, remain. N deri, imperative daro!,
      > stop, halt; dartha wait, stay, last, endure.

      I still disagree. _deri_ 'stop, halt', certainly has none of the
      desired meaning, which is "to continue to be" something (my vigor, my
      joy, my pain). After all, if presented next week with someone wanting
      to translate "You stop my heart", would you not then suggest the same
      stem _deri_? In this case, I would say, more appropriately (assuming
      that _deri_ can also be used transitively). _dartha_ looks more
      promising, but it is still not clear that it can be used to mean "to
      continue to be" something as opposed to simply "remain" in one place or

      As an aside, I note that these ad hoc usages seem never to have any
      awareness of the ways in which the same words are used in other ad hoc
      situations with entirely different meanings, even contradictory ones as
      here. If this is what it means to "speak Sindarin", then the effort to
      do so is indeed doomed.

      > So let's stop this arguing that could have no end.

      What "arguing"? How is it "arguing" to point out that the word you
      suggest does not have the desired meaning?

      > Would you give me your DIRECT - if possible - advice, please?

      My only "DIRECT" advice is to not use _deri_, since it clearly does not
      have the desired meaning (in fact, has pretty much the opposite of the
      desired meaning in this case). Offhand, I can't think of a verb that
      does have the desired meaning -- again, "to continue to be" (something)
      -- so unless someone can suggest such a verb, I would otherwise advise
      you either to paraphrase, or to translate something else. If you don't
      want to do that, then I would say _dartha_ is your best bet, but with
      strong reservations.
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