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293Re: [elfscript] Question about Quenya mode Tengwar

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  • Måns Björkman
    Oct 17, 2001
      Yehuda Ronen wrote:

      > When to use:
      > tengwa 17 against tengwa 19

      Originally 19 was used for the sound _ng_ as in _king_, 17 for normal
      _n_. In the Third Age, when _ng_ had mutated into _n_, 17 would probably
      serve both for original _n_ and original _ng_.

      > tengwa 22 against tengwa 24

      N:o 24 originally represtented _w_ and could still be used for this
      sound in the Third Age, while 22 represented original _v_.

      > tengwa 29 against tengwa 30
      > tengwa 31 against tengwa 32

      These were simply variants of each other, but 30/32 were often used when
      a tehta was placed above the tengwa.

      > tengwa 33 against _halla_ (has no number)

      Tengwa 33 was the standard sign for breath _h_. <Halla> was "used before
      a consonant to indicate that it was unvoiced and breathed; voiceless _r_
      and _l_ were ususally so expressed and are transcribed _hr_, _hl_." (AppE)


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