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290Tengwar Tattoo

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  • Geir Ivar Rognan
    Sep 30 6:51 AM
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      Hi. My name is Geir Ivar (first name) Rognan (last name), and I'm thinking of getting my name tattooed in Tengwar, Black Speech, same font as The One Ring.
      The reason I post here, is to get someone with expert knowledge to help me with this, so the tattoo is written 100% correctly.
      My name is in Norwegian, here is a guide in how to pronounce it correctly:
      Geir: "G" as in "got". "e" as in "hat". "i" as in "sit". "r" as in "red", but remember to roll it.
      (The "e" and the "i" is pronounced as a diphtong, but I couldn't find an English word with that diphthong).
      Ivar: "I" as in "sit". "v" as in "voice". "a" as in "arm". "r" as in "red", but remember to roll it.
      Rognan: "R" as in "red", but remember to roll it. "o" as in "saw". "g" as in "sing". "n" as in "no". "a" as in "arm". "n" as in "no".
      I don't know if the pronounciation will affect what the Tengwar shoud look like.
      Please reply to this mail directly to geirivar@..., as I don't subscribe to this maling-list. If someone could make out the design and send me a picture of it, I would be very grateful. (A circular design would be great).
      Thanks in advance,
      Geir Ivar Rognan
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