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28Re: [elfscript] Re: Tengwar

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  • Michael Everson
    Apr 14, 2000
      Ar 18:56 +0100 2000-04-14, scríobh Robert Brady:

      >Ok. That convinces me. I'm just concerned about the complexity, as it is
      >not likely software companies will devote any effort to Tengwar support, so
      >it should be that adding support is a 'no-brainer'. (Less conventional
      >operating systems such as Linux will certainly have support for Tengwar).

      It is a complex writing system, and I suspect it won't really get encoded
      until we have in implementation font. I'm concerned about whether I got the
      Old English vowel encoding right.

      >Have the committes of ISO and Unicode responsible for such matters
      >approved, in principle, to the encoding of Tengwar (and Cirth) in the UCS?

      While they hiss and spit at Klingon, the feeling does seem to be that
      Tengwar and Cirth are legitimate scripts for encoding. (Not that this was a
      reason I proposed Klingon along with Tengwar and Cirth, oh my no....)

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