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2788Re: Sindarin past-tense from TIR- (was Re: [elfscript] December 16th Movie Trilogy (Help!))

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Oct 15, 2003
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      On Oct 15, 2003, at 1:24 PM, eruvande81 wrote:

      > So what do we think the final translation should be? (Thanks so much
      > for all of your help.)

      You could opt to follow the sole certain, attested example we have in
      Sindarin of a past-tense verb with 1st sg. subject: _Im ... echant_ 'I
      ... made'. Even if this is regarded as a specifically emphatic
      formation, such would not be entirely inappropriate to the phrase being
      translated. So: *_Im tiriant_ 'I watched' (which has the further
      advantage of using the only attested form of a Noldorin pa.t. verb
      derived from TIR-).

      Personally, though, I wouldn't use a derivative of TIR-: consider
      Tolkien's note re: the root _ken-_ 'see, perceive, note', specifically
      on its derivative: "_kenda-_ intensive watch, sc. not 'guard' but
      observe for some time (to gain information etc.). Often used for
      'reading'" (_Vinyar Tengwar_ 41 p. 5). This very strongly argues that N
      _tiri-_/_tiria-_ *'watch, guard' would _not_ be used of such activity
      as watching a movie or play (the desired sense), but rather a cognate
      of _kenda-_; so perhaps *_Im cennant_ 'I watched'?

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