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2778Re: [elfscript] December 16th Movie Trilogy (Help!)

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Oct 14, 2003
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      > The Trilogy: I saw it first
      > _i Neled:tirnen cha erui_ "The Three: I saw it first"

      Hm, please don't hyper-lenit the pronoun _ha_ "it", already lenited since
      it is derived from a root in S-.

      Moreover, Movie Sindarin (which is probably the most relevant language
      here) uses *_han_ when "it" appears as object. It occurs already in
      Galadriel's whisperings at the very beginning of Fellowship, e.g. _HAN
      noston ne 'wilith_ "I smell IT in the air".

      _Minui_ is probably a better word for _erui_ here (though Movie Sindarin in
      one place does have _erui_ where _minui_ would probably be better!)

      Possibly, "I watched" should be *_tirnin_ rather than *_tirnen_ (and
      conceivably there are yet other possibilities...*_idiren_, anyone?)

      And then there is the question of whether the word for "three" is to be
      _neled(h)_ or _nĂȘl_; the latter turned up in a recent VT (recent as VTs go,
      of course). Maybe we can do a better job in Neo-Quenya: _I Nelde: Tirnenyet
      minyave_ (?)

      Or, since Tolkien used _Neldie_ for "Trinity", maybe it can cover "trilogy"
      as well? Etymologically it just refers to something made up of three parts.

      - HKF
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