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2774December 16th Movie Trilogy (Help!)

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  • eruvande81
    Oct 14, 2003
      I need help with a translation...

      I work at a movie theatre, and we will be playing the trilogy of
      movies on December 16th. I have been asked to design a t-shirt for
      the people coming to see the trilogy. I would like to put

      The Trilogy: I saw it first.

      on the back of the t-shirts... in some kind of elfscript. Can anyone
      help me with a translation and the elfscript for this? I would be
      hugely grateful and would be happy to send you some free t-shirts...

      (Also, if the word 'trilogy' does not exist in one of the elvish
      languages, then 'The Three: I saw it first' would be fine.)
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