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2734Re: My little poem in Tengwar

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  • Calwen Rudh
    Oct 1, 2003
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      > > Le hannon a le aníron arad lín a ind lín pen-foen.
      > Just a reminder.
      > What has been published about the Sindarin language (e.g. the one
      > up by Tolkien) is insufficient to be able to speak, write or
      > it.
      > So beware. If you have taught yourself (Neo-)Sindarin from the Net,
      > this not *not* Sindarin of Tolkien, but a Mish-mash language made
      > many cooks at one time who most of the time pretend to be Tolkien
      > disguise.
      > This situation will change only when the Sindarin's grammar written
      > Tolkien will be published, and today it is not the case.

      Okay, thanks. I'll skip my attempts of Sindarin of such kind in the
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