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27Re: [elfscript] Re: Tengwar

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  • Robert Brady
    Apr 14, 2000
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      On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Michael Everson wrote:

      > Actually not. You just have to have smart fonts to get the ligatures (as
      > you do for Arabic and Devanagari) and even if you didn't you would still
      > get a legible text (with the tehtar simply showing as nonspacing:
      > Quenya N�LD� 'nelde', N�LT�Ld� 'neltildi'
      > Sindarin N�L�D 'neled', N�LTh�L 'nelThil'
      > Yes, we'll have to have good fonts, but we would need those ANYWAY in order
      > to get the nonspacing tehtar to combine correctly over their consonants.

      Ok. That convinces me. I'm just concerned about the complexity, as it is
      not likely software companies will devote any effort to Tengwar support, so
      it should be that adding support is a 'no-brainer'. (Less conventional
      operating systems such as Linux will certainly have support for Tengwar).

      Have the committes of ISO and Unicode responsible for such matters
      approved, in principle, to the encoding of Tengwar (and Cirth) in the UCS?

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