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266Re: [elfscript] odd tehta

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  • Mans Bjorkman
    Aug 18, 2001
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      DDanielA@... wrote:
      > Måns Björkman deithant:
      > Intriguing! Which edition is it,
      > more precisely? Would it be
      > possible to acquire a scan of this
      > reproduction?
      > It is a Houghton-Mifflin edition, one large volume. Strangely enough, I
      > also have a three-book set by Houghton-Mifflin, and in these, the 'y' in
      > 'history' is a dot. There is another difference in the two different
      > Houghton-Mifflin versions: In the three-book set, the 'a' in 'as' is
      > written with the three-dot tehta, but in the one-volume edition, a
      > circumflex was used. Apparently the tehtar in one of the two different
      > eitions were changed, but I'm not sure why, or which was the original
      > version!

      Both my HarperCollins editions (1991 one-volume hardback and 1997
      3-volume paperback) seem to agree with your three-volume
      Houghton-Mifflin edition: the "a" in "as" is three dots, and the "y" in
      "history" appears to be a single dot. This seems to be the more common
      version of the inscription. My guess would be that the one-volume
      Houghton-Mifflin inscription is a redrawn version of the original. The
      artist who made the redrawing probably wanted to correct points that
      seemed ambigous or erroneous, and so "corrected" the y-tehta in
      "history" to the hacek.


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