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265Re: [elfscript] odd tehta

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  • DDanielA@webtv.net
    Aug 15, 2001
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      Måns Björkman deithant:
      Intriguing! Which edition is it,
      more precisely? Would it be
      possible to acquire a scan of this reproduction?

      It is a Houghton-Mifflin edition, one large volume. Strangely enough, I
      also have a three-book set by Houghton-Mifflin, and in these, the 'y' in
      'history' is a dot. There is another difference in the two different
      Houghton-Mifflin versions: In the three-book set, the 'a' in 'as' is
      written with the three-dot tehta, but in the one-volume edition, a
      circumflex was used. Apparently the tehtar in one of the two different
      eitions were changed, but I'm not sure why, or which was the original
      version! As for scanning, I'm on WebTV, which is not scanner compatible,
      but I will try to get it done on a friend's computer.

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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