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263Re: [elfscript] odd tehta

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  • DDanielA@webtv.net
    Aug 12, 2001
      Måns Björkman deithant:
      DDanielA@... wrote:
      Please allow me to add one more:
      LotR title-page (in "history")
      shape: V
      transcription: <y>
      sound : [i]

      In my copies of The Lord of the Rings
      the y-tehta in "history" is conflated
      with, and partly obscured by, the
      previous o-tehta, and to me it looks
      more like a single dot. But perhaps
      the text is reproduced more clearly in
      other editions. Are you sure about your
      interpretation, Danny?

      Yes, quite. This particular edition is a hardback edition where the
      title page inscription is reproduced larger and less 'compressed' than
      in the Ballantine paperback version. The inscription is very clear.
      Actually to be honest, the y-tehta looks more like a 'check mark' than a
      V; the left 'leg' is shorter than the right, but it seems that that's
      because the o-tehta doesn't allow the left leg to extend up as far as it

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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