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2585Re: [elfscript] Re: Tengwar Challenge 7

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  • Chris Ruzin
    Sep 6, 2003

      > I've found only one thing I'd suggest to change: I think the second
      > 'e' in
      > 'never' should be represented with a subscript point (like any 'e' in
      > the
      > '-er' ending).

      This is a good point. I'm not sure why I wrote it differently.

      > I especially like _silme-vala_ in 'sweat'. I would have chosen a
      > subscript
      > modified left curl, assuming that silme, in analogy to hyarmen, could
      > bear
      > its tehtas below instead of above. But your solution is less
      > speculative.

      Which is why I wrote it that way. It's easier to read and seems more
      logical. Of course, if JRRT wrote it differently, then I will too.


      > I think Chris is thinking less of both aesthetics and possible
      > principles than he is of attested examples.

      This is correct. I've always tried to stick as close as possible with
      what I've seen JRRT do. Remember, I used to write "to" out like CJRT,
      but changed when I saw JRRT wrote it differently. This is hard though,
      because JRRT didn't write English in a tehta mode that often. There
      are more examples of full modes, at least as far as I know. And
      whenever he did use a tehta mode, he wrote it out phonetically. This
      is hard to read, IMHO.

      Thanks for the comments and feedback! I really appreciate it.


      Chris Ruzin

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