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2584Re: [elfscript] Re: Tengwar Challenge 7

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  • DDanielA@webtv.net
    Sep 6, 2003
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      Teithant Mach Hezan:
      >Doesn't 'worthy' have a voiceless 'th' (at least that's
      >what my RP dictionary tells me)?

      'Worthy' has a voiced 'th'. 'Worth' has a voiceless 'th'.

      >And another thing I'd have done different is the
      >representation of 'ee'. But that's you choice.
      >I don't like short carriers and I believe in the principle
      >of one-sign analysis, you don't like doubled
      >tehtar and you prefer esthetics to possible

      I think Chris is thinking less of both aesthetics and possible
      principles than he is of attested examples. We know that Tolkien used
      the doubled short carriers with acute accent tehtar for 'ee' in 'seen'
      in the title page. The use of the doubled acute accent tehta for 'ee' is
      indeed logical, but unattested. If this is Chris's reason, then I agree
      with his choice; an attested example by Tolkien takes precedence over
      speculative alternatives.

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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