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2578Re: [elfscript] Istan pole!

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Sep 5 9:58 AM
      This is not "an eye for an eye", John; that you think it is shows how
      little attention you've paid to the discussion. It is fallacious claim
      versus correction, which is a very, very different thing.

      I have repeatedly "dropped" this; every time I correct Helge's
      distortions and fallacies, the matter is dropped, so far as I am
      concerned. It is dropped right now, in fact.

      But then Helge comes along an picks it up again, with a new and
      increasingly desperate round of distortions and fallacies, which as I
      have said before I will not allow to go uncorrected when they concern
      me or my colleagues. Period.

      So once again: the matter _is_ dropped, right now; unless Helge picks
      it up again.
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