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2577Re: [elfscript] Istan pole!

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  • John Cowan
    Sep 5, 2003
      Carl F. Hostetter scripsit:

      > It is entirely up to Helge to end this, either by dropping it or by
      > responding honestly and thoughtfully to the scholarly issue(s) under
      > discussion, in a manner devoid of mockery, distortions and attacks.

      "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." Either one of you can
      drop this, and both of you should. If you won't, you won't, but it is
      false to claim that "it is entirely up to Helge", as if your postings
      (but not his) were *truly* a matter of conditioned reflex rather than
      a choice for which you stand responsible.

      "No, John. I want formats that are actually John Cowan
      useful, rather than over-featured megaliths that http://www.ccil.org/~cowan
      address all questions by piling on ridiculous http://www.reutershealth.com
      internal links in forms which are hideously jcowan@...
      over-complex." --Simon St. Laurent on xml-dev
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