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2564Re: [elfscript] stop it please ! will you !

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Sep 3, 2003
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      I'm sorry, but I will not accept being included in this admonishment.
      As always, it was _Helge_ who dragged this discussion from matters of
      Tolkien's languages into personal attacks. As always, it is _Helge_ who
      continues to drag matters further and further away from topic (either
      for this list or even for the discussion to which he is responding) as
      he gets increasingly desperate to score points. And as always, it is
      _Helge_ who continues to ignore invitations to move this discussion

      So far as I am concerned, this discussion is over. But that was true
      after my _first_ post, answering a question regarding grammaticality.
      As always, it is _Helge_ who is never content to let a post bearing my
      name pass without launching a renewed round of personal attacks. And I
      will _not_ remain silent in the face of his lies, misrepresentations,
      and demagoguery. Or in the face of attempts to equate our characters
      and responses.

      (Here's a suggestion: since Helge clearly cannot rest without having
      the last word, why doesn't he simply post something with precisely the
      same rhetorical and scholarly value as his usual posts, but _without_
      the lies, misrepresentations, and demagoguery, so that there will be no
      need to correct his claims? E.g., "neener neener neener"?)

      On Sep 3, 2003, at 9:42 AM, laurifindil wrote:

      > I don't suppose that your bashing is going anywhere (as usual).
      > Elflscript is not the right place for it (and it never was).
      > Try to stop it, everyone (except you both) is TIRED by this
      > "flame-War".
      > Try Yoga fro a change. ;-)
      > Edouard Kloczko
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