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249Re: [darkover-ooc] AOHELL

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  • John Cowan
    Jul 23, 2001
      Please forgive the apparent spam. I am passing this message to all
      Yahoo Groups lists I am subscribed to.

      twodog202@... wrote (on rpg-ooc):

      > I am having trouble getting my posts, too. Usually (but not always) I
      > get the messages from the lists that I'm on digest for (such as RPG
      > and OOC) but I had some real trouble with the Darkovan-Exiles list,
      > where my subscription is individual mails. I'm the *moderator* and I
      > wasn't getting all the posts! AOHell indeed!

      The problem is probably with Yahoo Groups, not with AOL this time.
      I am hearing about problems from almost every Yahoo Groups list I'm on.

      The moderator of Elfling has passed on the suggestion that people who
      are missing messages should unsubscribe and resubscribe, as that
      sometimes helps. If not, bug Yahoo until they "clear" your
      subscription, which means you have to sign up for all your lists
      again, but it's better than losing mail.

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