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243Devanagari: An Inspiration for the Tengwar?

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  • aurandfillan@hotmail.com
    Jun 6, 2001
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      When one looks at the Hindi/Sanskrit script, one sees many parallels
      with the Tengwar: presentation as a phonetically based grid, not as a
      linear ABC; the use of diacrtics for most vowels in a syllable; and,
      the use of conjunct consonants.

      It seems obvious that JRRT must have been using the Devanagari as a
      model. I wonder if there is any evidence of how and when he was
      exposed to the system. Was he acquainted with it before his study of
      philology would have exposed him to Sanscrit? Do we know when he
      started using the Tengwar(as opposed to the Cirth, inspired by the

      Were there other models for other aspects of the Tengwar?
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