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2426Newbie with a question

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  • pip_s2003
    Aug 17, 2003
      Suilaid everyone!

      I'm new to this forum - I didn't know it existed until I tried
      asking a Tegwar question on elfling! Anyway, I'm Rochvelleth and
      I'm a student at Cambridge, England. I teach Sindarin to the
      Cambridge Tolkien Society, so I'm always trying to improve my
      language. Hope I'll be talking to you all soon!

      I've also pasted on the question I asked in elfling:

      I'm just wondering about the Tengwar as I translate some Sindarin -
      how should you represent the sound written as 'y' but pronounced
      as a prolonged, fronted 'oo' sound? Is it written as if it were a
      long 'u'? Are there rules for when we count a vowel sound as long
      (e.g. I believe a ^ marks the vowel as long)? Also, I find it
      messy when writing diphthongs (partly because I don't use separate
      symbols, as on Moria Gate, but mark them over
      consonants/carriers) - are there any rules about that?

      Thank you for any help you can give me!

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