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  • DDanielA@webtv.net
    Aug 16, 2003
      Teithant machhezan:
      > Danny teithant:
      > >I don't think yanta + triple dot tehta should be
      > >used; that would
      clash with
      > >his spelling in a book autograph where he uses
      > >that combination for the 'ae' in 'Michael'
      > >(The autograph was for Michael Endorion).
      >Oh, that's new to me, very thrilling! Can you give
      >any further information on that authograph?
      >I assume it's still unpublished.

      It is unpublished, but I was shown the autograph by Michael Endorion
      himself. He said that when he asked Tolkien to sign his book, JRRT
      remarked, "Did you know that your surname means 'son of Middle-Earth in
      Elvish?" I copied down the inscription in Michael's book:

      formen - óre + right curl / malta - extended stem hwesta + single dot
      - yanta + triple dot - lambe / silme - númen + right curl / extended
      stem ampa / malta - ando + single dot & under tilde / lambe + under dot
      / 'a' tengwa + accent / óre / thúle .
      (I trust you can decipher that!) This was followed by 'elen síla
      lúmenn' omentielmo' in Tengwar and the 'anga - rómen - rómen -
      tinco' and Tolkien's regular signature. The book was signed in the mid

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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