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  • machhezan
    Aug 16, 2003
      Danny teithant:
      > However, I disagree with him concerning anna as 'y' in 'away'.
      Tolkien used vala as consonantal 'w' and in the combinations 'ou' and
      'ow'; IMHO there is no reason to suspect that he wouldn't treat anna
      the same way. I don't think we have an example by Tolkien of 'ai/ay'
      in an English tehta mode.

      **A very good point, though I'd add that yanta and uure might still be
      used the same way they're used in the 'classical' Quenya mode, but
      only in an English mode that places the tehtar on the preceding
      tengwa, cf. DTS 41.

      > I don't think yanta + triple dot tehta should be used; that would
      clash with his spelling in a book autograph where he uses that
      combination for the 'ae' in 'Michael' (The autograph was for Michael

      Oh, that's new to me, very thrilling! Can you give any further
      information on that authograph? I assume it's still unpublished.

      Chris Ruzin teithant:
      > I need some help with some words here. I'm writing them in English
      Original mode.

      **I don't think 'Original mode' is a good name. I haven't any good
      suggestion either. I'd perhaps call it a mode based on the Title Page
      inscription, or just an orthographic tehtar mode.

      > For a silent 'b', as in 'womb' or 'tomb', would you use Umbar with
      an over-bar? I would imagine so, but I'm not sure.

      **So would imagine I.

      > What about a silent 'u', as in 'guild'? Would I use an under-dot or
      nothing at all?

      **I'd suggest to represent it the w-tehta, as in 'twenty, quiet'. The
      Sindarin mode of DTS 49 shows this tehtar over the (preceding) tengwa,
      even though normal vowel tehtar are put over the following tehta. But
      still I don't like doing this, I fool, I'd better like it to be put
      under the tengwa, like the tehta for a following consonantal 'y' in
      the 'classical' Quenya mode.

      > For a possessive word like 'Tom's', would you use any special marks
      for the
      apostrophe and use Silma, or just use an s-curl like a plural and
      ignore the

      The apostrophe seems to be ignored at least in before this genitive-s.
      The only attested apostrophe I know of is in DTS 16 in "in'er" which
      stands for "in her".

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