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241Re: [elfscript] Tehtarin mode for Sindarin

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  • Mans Bjorkman
    May 1, 2001
      BP Jonsson wrote:
      > Måns Björkman wrote:
      > [snip]
      > >No, but it's possible they would refrain from making an ómatehta-mode for
      > >Sindarin. According to "From Quendi and Eldar, Appendix D" (Vinyar Tengwar
      > >#39), someone -- and the context strongly suggests the Noldor -- thought
      > >"the diacritic method of indicating vowels was inconvenient" for Sindarin
      > >(p. 8).
      > I would expect the people of that opinion, whoever they were, to be
      > accustomed to writing Sindarin with Cirth, and hence to full writing of
      > vowels. In any case the debate whether an ómatehta mode be suitable for
      > Sindarin or not is likely to have been going on mainly among
      > Lambengolmor. [...]

      Certainly. The connection with the Cirth seems a plausible one, although
      I get the feeling there was some stronger motivation behind this feeling
      of "inconvenience". But I never meant that people in general would
      refrain from using an ómatehta-mode for Sindarin, just that the some (I
      still hold the Noldor to be the prime suspects) would refrain from
      making one.


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