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240Re: [elfscript] Tehtarin mode for Sindarin

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  • BP Jonsson
    Apr 30, 2001
      Måns Björkman wrote:


      >No, but it's possible they would refrain from making an ómatehta-mode for
      >Sindarin. According to "From Quendi and Eldar, Appendix D" (Vinyar Tengwar
      >#39), someone -- and the context strongly suggests the Noldor -- thought
      >"the diacritic method of indicating vowels was inconvenient" for Sindarin
      >(p. 8).

      I would expect the people of that opinion, whoever they were, to be
      accustomed to writing Sindarin with Cirth, and hence to full writing of
      vowels. In any case the debate whether an ómatehta mode be suitable for
      Sindarin or not is likely to have been going on mainly among
      Lambengolmor. Non-experts, whether Ñoldor or Sindar, are likely to have
      based their preferences on more practical considerations, like what kind of
      writing they were used to before or what fitted into the space
      available. The bottom line is of course that the debate on what kind of
      mode be most suitable for Sindarin was going on in JRRT's head, but we can
      rest assured that if different choices were available in Elvish society
      usage would vary. After all standardization as we know it is a modern
      thing, and a rather Saurondic one at that!


      >>* I have myself for several years been using such a mode. It uses the same
      >>vowel tehtar as Quenya, plus reverse u-curl for _y_.
      >Any particular reason you don't use the diaeresis (¨) for _y_?

      Yes, I think the usage of the double-dot for Sindarin _y_ is a Gondorean or
      Westron practice, reflecting the merger of _y_ with _i_ in the
      pronunciation of Third Age Dúnedain. Both in Sindarin and in Germanic
      languages /y/ is a mutation of /u/, and I feel that its orthography should
      reflect this fact.

      /BP 8^)>
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