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235Re: [elfscript] Tehta mode for sindarin

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  • Mans Bjorkman
    Apr 23, 2001
      Gildir teithant:
      > Yes, there might exist a sindarin tehta mode different from the
      > one used in KL-III (DTS 49), using series III for the calmatéma
      > like the Mode of Beleriand. But do we have any indications
      > that it exists? Or do we simply associate Sindarin so much
      > with the Mode of Beleriand that we presume that a tehta mode
      > *must* use series III for the calmatéma?
      > I'd love to see some good arguments (either for or against)
      > the use of series III in a tehta mode for sindarin!

      I don't think there necessarily had to be such a mode although, of
      course, it is far from impossible. It would probably not be used by
      peoples who believed in the notion (apparently Noldorin in origin) that
      "the diacritic method of indicating vowels was inconvenient" for
      Sindarin (Vinyar Tengwar #39:8).

      Judging by its name, the mode of Beleriand was the primary choice before
      the War of Wrath that ended the First Age. Since the published samples
      suggest that the mode of Beleriand dominated in the major High-elven
      settlements of the Second and Third Age -- Imladris and Eregion -- this
      hypothetic mode would probably be found in either Mannish, Grey-elven or
      Silvan settlements, and probably not earlier than the Second Age. It
      would probably evolve more easily in areas where both the mode of
      Beleriand and the "mode of Gondor" were known and could (accidentally or
      intentionally) get mixed.


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