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234Tehta mode for sindarin

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  • gildir_1@yahoo.com
    Apr 23, 2001
      --- In elfscript@y..., "D. Daniel Andriës" <DDanielA@w...> wrote:
      > --- In elfscript@y..., gildir_1@y... wrote:
      > >
      > > And, btw, while Harma/Aha is not used (for ch) in the tehta
      > > mode (King's Letter mode) for Sindarin, its counterpart
      > > Hwesta is.
      > I know... and 'hwesta' is what I use for 'ch' (= [x]). In this
      > mode (probably influenced by a Mannish mode... Westron or
      > Adûnaic... as Måns pointed out), series IV was used as the
      > 'calmatéma'. There is, however, most probably an as-yet
      > non-attested Sindarin tehta mode that uses series III for
      > the velars and leaves the first four grades of series IV
      > unused (and probably 'nwalme' as well). This would be a
      > Sindarin mode used by the Elves themselves rather than
      > by the Edain in Gondor. The mode of Beleriand was apparently
      > used the northern regions of Middle Earth. The tehta mode could
      > possibly have been used in Eryn Galen, Lothlórien and possibly
      > Dol Amroth, since there was a lot of Elvish blood in their
      > people. It's just a theory.

      Yes, there might exist a sindarin tehta mode different from the
      one used in KL-III (DTS 49), using series III for the calmatéma
      like the Mode of Beleriand. But do we have any indications
      that it exists? Or do we simply associate Sindarin so much
      with the Mode of Beleriand that we presume that a tehta mode
      *must* use series III for the calmatéma?

      I'd love to see some good arguments (either for or against)
      the use of series III in a tehta mode for sindarin!

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