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  • D. Daniel Andriës
    Apr 20, 2001
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      --- In elfscript@y..., gildir_1@y... wrote:

      > And, btw, while Harma/Aha is not used (for ch) in the tehta
      > mode (King's Letter mode) for Sindarin, its counterpart
      > Hwesta is.
      > Suilaid!
      > Gildir

      I know...and 'hwesta' is what I use for 'ch' (= [x]). In this mode (probabl=
      y influenced by a Mannish mode...Westron or Adûnaic...as Måns pointed out), =
      series IV was used as the 'calmatéma'. There is, however, most probably an a=
      s-yet non-attested Sindarin tehta mode that uses series III for the velars a=
      nd leaves the first four grades of series IV unused (and probably 'nwalme' a=
      s well). This would be a Sindarin mode used by the Elves themselves rather t=
      han by the Edain in Gondor. The mode of Beleriand was apparently used the no=
      rthern regions of Middle Earth. The tehta mode could possibly have been used=
      in Eryn Galen, Lothlórien and possibly Dol Amroth, since there was a lot of=
      Elvish blood in their people. It's just a theory.

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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