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2149Re: [elfscript] Re: Questions about sindarin mode of Tengwar

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Jun 11, 2003
      teithant laurifindil

      > Appears in DragonFlame?

      yup, thats where i saw that word and its description..
      yes i know it's not the primary source, but since i
      saw it there i thought mentioning it...

      > Nobody really?

      if i remember correctly

      > You should take a look at HOME:7 (Treason of
      > Isengard), if you have
      > that in store, for what looks very much as the
      > "gasdil", even if the
      > word is not used.
      > Don't expect me to give you the page number. ;-)
      > Anybody else can contact me in private to have the
      > p. number. ;-)

      i don't possess HOME:7 anyways.. if i had it i wouldnt
      ask the page number...

      yes, you are into Elvish for c. 20 years and i am for
      7, forgive me for that

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