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2146Re: [elfscript] Questions about sindarin mode of Tengwar

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Jun 11, 2003
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      teithant Anna_Backstrφm_Aceves

      > > welcome.. nice to know about other communities :)
      > i
      > > belong to www.tolkien.gr
      > Well, it looks very good but I didn't understand
      > anything @_o

      thats ok.. its in greek.. but it has nice design

      > Where did you read about the Gasdil? If the name is
      > given, perhaps someone
      > knows how to writte it or where can we search for
      > more info... Does anybody
      > knows?

      nowhere... the word appears in DragonFlame.. the
      references tell where it has been attested... butif i
      remember correctly, i've asked before, and nobody knew
      how it looks :)

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