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2144Re: [elfscript] Questions about sindarin mode of Tengwar

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  • ErunámoLondëoronti
    Jun 10, 2003
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      --- Anna_Backstr�m_Aceves <ninamarth@...>
      > I have a few questions:
      > 1.- How do I transcript words with a hyphen like
      > Gil-Galad or Ost-in-Edhil?
      > 2.- How do I transcript words with an apostrophe
      > like the words that begins
      > with g and after the mutation (lenition) the sound g
      > dissapears and in latin
      > script we have an apostrophe before the word? Like
      > _gaw_ (word without
      > mutation) ---> _'aw_ (word lenited).

      Just do without them! :)

      > I hope you can help me.
      > Thanks,
      > Anna Backstr�m

      BTW, it's a rather Nordic-sounding name for a
      Mexican-girl, are you half-swedish or anything?

      Erun�mo Lond�oronti
      Daniel Hamberg (from Sweden)

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