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2114a little help with a wedding present

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  • raph303
    May 28 11:00 PM
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      Hi there,

      I was hoping to get a little help with a wedding present for my
      sister and her new husband. All of us are great fans of Tolkien's
      works, everything from 'Roverandum' to LOTR. What I wanted to do was
      have a set of pens inscribed with their full names in the Elvish
      script. I've tried using the Tengscribe utility and following the
      steps to convert, I've gone as far as to try converting the meaning
      of their names but dont seem to be getting the desired result. I was
      hoping for somthing in the Tengwar Cursive style or the Black Speech
      seen on the ring inscription. If anyone could drop me a line I would
      greatly appreciate any help with this that you are willing to offer.
      Whether you could do the translation directly or point me in the
      right direction to get an *accurate* translation. Please feel free to
      e-mail me directly at R4201@.... Thank you to anyone who took
      the time to read this and a special thanks to those who take the time
      to reply.

      - Raph303 -