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2093Re: [elfscript] Re: hyarmen

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  • John Cowan
    May 13, 2003
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      xeeniseit scripsit:

      > Then I shouldn't ignore them either. The appendices say something
      > interesting on hyarmen: That in the beginning it was a weaker variant of
      > harma. How is this to be understood? Does this mean that the palatal fricative
      > hy is to be considered a variant of the velar one? Etymologically? I can't judge
      > on that, as I don't know about Quenya etymology. Phonetically? This would
      > seem strange to me, but maybe possible, but I'd like to have more evidence
      > on it.

      Consider the alternation in German and other languages between [x] and [C], the
      velar and palatal fricatives. Near front vowels, as in "ich", one gets the palatal
      fricative; near back vowels, as in "ach", one gets the velar fricative.

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