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2090Re: hyarmen

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  • xeeniseit
    May 13 1:58 AM
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      Laurifindil teithant:
      > The tengwa _yanta_ is just a copy of a sarat ;

      I suppose this an explicit statement by Tolkien, isn't it? If it really is,=
      then it's in
      overt contradiction to the appendices, where J.R.R. Tolkien says that all
      additional letters but lambe and silme are modifications of other letters. =
      wouldn't be the first contradiction in Tolkien's work, but such a contradic=
      must be judged on very carefully and not just be thrown away as plain
      nonsense. Tell me at least a reason why you're ignoring the appendices.

      But there are more questions, and more intersting ones: Why is the relation=

      between hyarmen and yanta so similar to the relation between thúletyelle an=
      óretyelle, e.g. between hwesta and vilya? In both cases we have a pair of a=

      voiceless fricative and an approximate (the weakest consonant of its téma),=
      both cases we have no doubling, in both cases the only difference in shape =
      the raised "stem" of the former, vs a shortened one of the second. Such
      interesting relations are totally ignored if you simply affirm that yanta i=
      s copied
      from the "alphabet of Rúmil".

      > see/read Parma XIII, p. 88.

      I'm sorry it's only a few time ago I've become aware that there's such a th=
      as parma, but it was way too late. And borrowing it is a very complicated t=
      if you don't find any copy in your country.

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