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  • xeeniseit
    May 11, 2003
      teithant xeeniseit:
      >> The appendices say that all additional letters but lambe and silme are
      modifications of another tengwa. What other tengwa could be the model for
      yanta, if it's not anna?

      Gildor teithant:
      > none... yanta and hyarmen seem to be related

      That's true, and it makes sense, as the pair hy/y is the palatal fricative =

      unvoiced/voiced opposition. But this doesn't change much, because hyarmen
      also is a modification of one of the primary letters (if the appendices are=
      Of which one? I'd guess of harma. That's the same case: A sign for a palata=
      sound (no matter whether yanta or hyarmen) is borrowed from calmatéma.
      And that seem very curious to me.

      But if -as Gildor's affirmed- Quenyan y is somewhat related to g, this coul=
      d be
      the explanation. I wonder whether the sound of hy also has a relation to
      palatal sounds? Then the development from harma to hyarmen could also be
      explained. Who knows about that?

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