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2081Re: A standard test document for tengwar fonts

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  • elimloth
    May 9 1:59 AM
      "Helge K. Fauskanger" <helge.fauskanger@n...> wrote:
      > [...] I finally managed to install Tengwar Cursive (I'm not very
      > good with computers, actually!) and the font as such is not bad,
      > transcribing Quenya _nalye_ "thou art" (using TengScribe) I
      noticed that
      > the two dots signifying "y" are missing inside the bow of the
      Lambe (L).
      > Have others noticed this, [...]

      It is a bug in the cursive font. Dan Smith's fonts offer several
      versions of the same tehta with different horizontal and vertical
      relative alignments. A good transcription mode takes advantage of
      these variants to best place the tehta over different tengwar or
      within certain tengwar (like Lambe). The cursive font does not
      implement all the variant tehta, so they go missing.

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