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2074Re: [elfscript]: consonantal y in "full" Sindarin

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    May 7, 2003
      teithant xeeniseit

      > BTW, anybody ever found a possible explanation why
      > yanta is used and
      > not anna, as it is the case in other tehtar modes
      > with the same tιmar
      > distribution (e.g. DTS 10 or DTS 39). I've always
      > thought of this
      > yanta as of an unexplainable exception, which is
      > very unsatisfying.

      maybe because it was both availiable and nice as a
      shape... and except that (and maybe it was the main
      reason) it was the original consonantal y letter in
      the primal tengwar mode(s) (cf. it's name)

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